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Depression As Disease Manufactures Mental Health Consumers

Social isolation leads to the feeling of being left out of most of what happened to almost every one of my peers.

The only people who know what I was going through are close friends.

All that society sees is a socially inept man who is Asian. Then they make unconscious assumptions about cultural differences which influences their biases favouring the West.

This is highly inappropriate to my recovery from depression.

A more holistic pro-active choice would be to publicly object to the current manufacturing of "depression as a disease."

This isn't a disease: this is the result of all actors' participation in isolating depressed people from mainstream society until the depressed think that anxiety and resultant phobia are normal when they are not.

Normality demands so much of a person that most anxious people who later develop depression is stressed to the point of devloping neuroticisms.

Society's current "all or nothing" approach, complete with one-sidedness, only promotes the "depression as disease" to compliant mental health consumers.

It is this rampant consumerism which aids in manufacturing depression according to the mental health catalog DSM.

What a bag of coals the gift of diagnosis is!

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