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Daily Maily as English Satire

The Daily Mail Online is English satire at its finest.

The current headline for Nov. 13 2012 is proof of this.

"The Immoral Tax Avoider" — what kind of rubbish is this headline but the reporter being high and mighty???

It's no wonder I cannot read any article in the Mail Online without either thinking of the legacy of the British Empire and its effect on Third-world nation the UK later abandoned, or just laughing off the effect of revulsion for WASP society. >:)

For nobody really cares if tax avoiders are immoral. Us common folk are more concerned about dole supplements and public health commitments to keep us from dying from injuries sustained whilst working for corporations who may be run by tax avoiders who think common folk should be enslaved to make profits without sharing their wealth with the masses who helped them be that rich.

You know what's really immoral? A society that condones bullying amongst children and is ignorant of the fact that for every kid that is non-violent and socialized, there is a lot which is privileged to use violence to maintain the pecking order.

For the high and might rhetoric is all that is wrong with certain WASP societies like the one the Daily Mail is promoting these days! o_0

Tax avoiders immoral? Bully for them! >:)

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