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Human Barbie Doll Teaching Job Exposed

Valeria Lukyonova, the Russian girl who is a Barbie Doll, is back in the news. According to the Daily Mail, she got a modelling contract with V Magazine.

As well, she is a teacher at the School of Out-of-Body Experience (OOBE) in the Ukraine.

Using Google I found the school run by Michael Raduga, a person who would evoke "tin-foil hat" insults from skeptics.

Think New Age. :p

One of the UFO people is skeptical of him too because he declared that OOBE is a mental state he calls "The Phase", and mistook that to mean their abductions are "all in their head".

However, their cognitive dissonance may have occurred because he debunked UFO abductions in Russia. UFO people take it personally since their abductions are more real than their daily lives. o_0

As far as I can tell, the OOBE people accept Raduga's explanation of OOBE up to a point. However, they hold onto preconceptions about OOBE which deny that it's "all in the brain."

All I will do to sum this all up is to debunk the assertion that there is only one reality, which we know as real life (RL).

As well, there is also an inner reality (the mind). Indeed, the mind is the sixth sense according to Buddhist thought.

Therefore, the UFO abductions are real to the people who experience them, and it would be impolite to call them "delusions" because of their strong denial and unwillingness to accept a psychological explanation for the phenomenon.

Furthermore, it is equally impolite to deny that the Phase described by Raduga works. If it works for 1 person in 5000, then it works.

After all, scientists have discovered that microtubules in human cells remain "alive" after death, and are purported to be the closest thing to the soul.

However, this too is a theory, and so is Raduga's Phase.

Valeria Lukyonova is however real.

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