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Africa Oppressed by American Economic Empire

AFRICOM is why Africa consists of mostly 3rd-world nations.

Also all mention of "African peacekeepers" is propaganda. The truth is African troops aid in keeping Africa backwards so that America and its allies can continue to keep African nations poor and underdeveloped by restricting who can invest US dollars in foreign aid in a manner that America approves.

Humanitarian aid is being reduced, in a cruel effort of population control by starvation and manufactured conflict caused by unfair mistreatment of refugees and condoning internal strife in Sudan where Darfur became a contentious problem because of AFRICOM's military-industrial imperialism.

In essence, the US is the new economic empire whose policies in Africa are designed to extract natural resources cheaply, imposing a 21st-century colonialism which will only worsen the risk of civil war, sectarian violence, and impoverishment of Africans for decades to come.

Most conflict therefore are the US government's responsibility, since internal strife in African nations justify moving African troops in to support the corrupt regime in Somalia (run by a Somali-American who used to work in the US Dept. of Transportation), promote sectarian violence in central Africa, and maintain a SNAFU situation in Africa.

Therefore, Africa's problems originally due to previous European colonialism since the 18th century are continued under the US-backed colonialism by the American economic empire.

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