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Today after a long day at work, I arrived home at our round 10 AM but have severe insomnia, being up since 1245 PM yesterday.

After being over 27 hours awake, I am getting "flashbacks" where I experience a memory without audio, but "hear" parts of an ad. Then I see a car drive away.

The audio track also has background traffic noises as "inspiration" to me, due to mild traffic outside (we live on a road with high traffic due to proximity of high schools).

However, when I concentrate harder on typing and breathing ala meditation style (inhale slowly in, hold for 5 seconds, and out. Then the vivid memories fade.

Earlier I saw numbers appear as I tried to sleep. Now I'm up since 1115 PM.

The numbers may be due to anticipating paying my bills online. I'll do that before sleep.

It's now 1507 PM, so good night gentle followers, the penultimate in observance of web pages. ;)

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