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Jihad Isn't Holy War but is a Martyrdom Wasted

According to what I have read of Muslim public opinion, dreams of unbelievers are entertainment, and make believe,a mass media disgrace.

In contrast, the dreams of believers are a serious matter inspired by the Beloved, a gift for the lover of God.

So say both Shi'a and Sunni,both Salafi and Qaefa, until the West is confused, due to ignorance about Arabic culture, and the Salafi missionaries.

For the conquest of the New World was originally an Arabic dream, long before Islam became a vital part of international trade. Then Catalan "borrowed" it.

In the wake of Columbus, and de Gama came Jesuits forcing natives to convert, or face death by overkill by overwork, guns and disease, using the Inquisition as a weapon.

Indeed, the Inquisition was used like a religious marketing tool to force Jews and Muslims to convert, to ensure that tithes go to Rome, rather help create the Heaven on Earth, al-'Andalus, the dream of the Ummayyads.

Over 1200 years later, this same dream helped form the United Arab States, which splintered due to Western machinations behind the scene, due to Salafi sentiments arising from Saudi Arabia, which culminated in the Suez War.

For Salafi thought inspires the Muslim to battle with real foes, whilst the true battle of all warriors is to conquer ego, so that the islam of the heart subjugates the ego.

Yet to a Salafi warrior, the holy war ought not be fought in the heart, lest it weaken resolve in battle. For a Salafi cannot battle both the ego and serve as martyr, or be embraced by madness as God's punishment for serving two battles in his mind and on the field.

Thus the Salafi may be clearheaded in being pious, but in jihad forgets love conquers all. For the seduction of holy war is the promise of what awaits in heaven for martyrs, beautiful angels — religious marketing for simple folk.

And the only cure for this, which Muslims fed the religious marketing scheme of holy war by Salafi preachers reject intelligence, equality of women, and Christian symbology (Cross, church arch).

Were the US to appease the Salafis, like Petraeus appeased the Sunnis in Iraq by sending experimental weapons and strategic material to Saudi Arabia via a government program, the social activists would leak word of it exposure to publicly embarrass the Saudis and America, citing friendlies to Salafis so "the most happiest years."

So it is best to entertain Western dreams for the Muslim activist , but to keep cherished dreams of Kalifa with non-violent confrontation, without conflict and with good intentions.

Otherwise, the road to martyrdom will continue to be littered with martyrs in name only, whilst looking as though the name of shaitan was on the radical Muslim's mind, though the radical soon made it fair game for any target due to misinterpretation of Salafi ideals.

So I urge following the true warrior's path: the holy war on desire, lust, passion and related ways shatain find to tempt you by meditating on absolute power and reverse absolute corruption

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