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Attention Potential Blackmailers, Online Bullies, and Assorted Harassers

This blog is dedicated to all my potential blackmailers, the on-line bullies I muted on GooglePlus and either ignored or blocked on Twitter, and assorted harassers who wish me dead but realize that it violates my human rights as a person with disabilities.

Legally, in doing any of the above (blackmail or on-line bullying and/or harassment), you are committing a hate crime, and if you get a bunch of your friends to participate, then that's criminal harassment.

As well, if what you write to me causes me distress, then that's assault. If the content of your letter or message is a death threat, then that's an indictable offense. Further more, should you follow through with a note tacked to my front door and continued until there is a physical confrontation, that too is criminal harassment.

If in the process of harassing me face to face, you then strike or push me, that's assault and battery, a misdemeanor.

Getting back to the potential blackmailers, using email to blackmail me won't work, because try as you might, you cannot block your original IP address. In addition, I will treat email using remailers which hide your IP address as spam.

You have been warned.

Oh, by the way: I am not a lazy welfare bum; I am a person with disabilities. Nor am I a sex addict; I'm a virgin (as in unmarried) who prefers masturbation.

You finding dirt on me will get responses like, "I wrote that in 1993 before I got hit on the head at work. I don't write like that anymore."

Have a nice day, my foes! >:)


Radha Santadharma said...

dude in the pic is my ex friend Ralphie. He's a hoarder. All the social worker had to do to get him on PWD in 3 weeks was to visit him at his place. He's also getting antidepressants, but that's basic for most people with disabilities.

His mom now lives in an old age home. She suffers from a form of amnesia where she has blocked memory of her eldest son and his family.

This happens when you don't visit your mom often.

Radha Santadharma said...

it took me about a month or so to get on pwd.

some people.