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Redtube - Censored Review

Disclaimer: This post is rated mature. Anyone reading this review who are shocked, please reread this disclaimer. For the record, viewing on-line pornography is not a perversion unless I act on what I see. After an orgasm, though, I lose all desire to act. On that note, here is the review of Redtube.

5-7 years ago that I discovered Redtube. On that website, I found categories of videos of sexual acts, most of which I've never done. My first reaction was to get aroused. With respect to delicate minds, it resulted in a happy ending. >:)

Since then I have visited Redtube at least once a week to have said happy ending. :p

However, I deny that I am addicted to Redtube as I forget about going there for days, sometimes weeks, or maybe a month.

One of the most arousing videos consisted of male-female coitus in which the female was loudly vocalizing her pleasure. Epic moment!

Today I occasionally peruse the contents of Redtube in private. This is why the categories I pick will not be posted in this blog.

In fact, I recommended Redtube to the curious mature adult who has Google skills. ;)

Good luck and have a fine happy ending! I know I will!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It is funny hearing the word coitus from anyone other than Sheldon Cooper (Big Bang Theory). I've never heard of Redtube, but I've watched YouPorn on occasion. I'll check it out.
Thanks :)