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My Personal Buddhist Anarchist Creed

The following commandment is the Buddhist Anarchist creed:
Control thyself then no one controls thee.

Both the Sufis and the Ch'an/Zen Buddhists know about self control. In Islam, it is the greater jihad, greater than the lesser jihad aka "the holy war".

If the People, be they Buddhists, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Neo-pagans, La Vey Satanists or even Wicca, were to practise this commandment in addition to their doctrines & dogmas, then the State would have little reason to go to war.

Corporations would be kinder, and CEOs would become patrons of artists of all stripes, be it audio, visual or kaleidoscopic AV.

Control thyself is the antidote to know thyself.

In knowing thyself, you might be blinded by the ego; merely controlling the ego is enough to see it for what it is: the root of anger, fear, and the handmaidens of desire, lust and passion.

Yet the hedonists amongst the People ask "What's wrong with desire? You sound old-fashioned."

To that, I reply "But there is much to be said for romance, and to court your lover. It helps make lust more interesting and passion become compassionate!"

If a warrior controlled himself, then no one would control him. Then he would make a fine monk to contemplate the end of war and a place for Pax Terra, which is a utopia called World Peace.

Then the military spending could be curtailed and the military men become paid volunteers to help when disaster strikes and to aid the police in ensuring the safety of the People, great and small.

Thus is it my sincere wish that the People learn to control themselves individually, so that no one controls them. In this way, the State will be the People's instrument to help perpetuate this peace to the stars.

Until then, space travel is folly because for every space walk for the People there is another for the State in secret for the good of the nation, so says the Military Industry Complex.

When the People practice self control, they will control the State and turn the swords of the Military into the instruments of peace.

How do you control yourself? First we begin with the only mind control, for the fake mind control ignores the fact that brain-washing succeeds when its victim decides to be controlled by her oppressor.

What is this mind control called? Meditation.

How is it practiced? Just Google "meditation", and with practice of it, you shall be free to control and empower yourself in harmony with the greater good.

Originally posted: November 4, 2012 at 1:52 AM