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SPOILERS! Dr Who Series 7 Episode- Asylum oft he Daleks

SPOILERS: please move on if you have yet to see any of Series 7 of Dr Who.
We now blank the screen until the people who haven't seen Dr Who have moved on!
Oh wait! Sorry, this is about the Daleks.

Dr Who makes it to Hong KOng, and Youtube gets the bootlegs.

Only a couple weeks ago I could only get a audio copy as a torrent. So anyway Series 7 Episode 1 is about the Asylum of the Daleks.

Because of a security breach, the council of Daleks want Dr Who and the Ponds to help save them. If all the Daleks who were defeated by the Doctor the universe could be threatened.

I sort of love the Daleks. They hate the Doctor's compassion, his unwillingness to let a Dalek express the beauty of hate, which the Doctor finds disgusting.

Reviewing my memories of the old Daleks and the new, I'm trying to remember what country they remind me of... the soviet union? Communist China? Asian crime gangs? Drug addicts in cold turkey? People on the dole queued up?

Then I looked in the mirror, and felt sad.

The Daleks represent our negative emotions and those rare moments when we enjoy them so very much.

Then we apologize, or worse, spent time in jail.

Then maybe, our peers just might forgive us...

Well, usually they don't and become like Daleks just because we exposed their hate to the world.

Anyway, this isn't always the case. "To err is human; to forgive, divine."

I dunno why people don't like being divine; I guess they're just too human to be kind and nice and loving.

A wise man once said before the mob crushed him, "Forgive them for they know not what they do..."

In a real stretch to left field, the Doctor is a bit like that wise man who is so lonely, he needs a human companion to share his travels with.

Recently Series six we had the Ponds, and in three more episodes, they'll meet the Weeping Angels and the crack in Emily's wall will be fixed forever.

Until then, we have dinosaurs on a spaceship... and a couple more, including Rory's Dad on an adveture with the Doctor.

Until I see them, I'm gonna give it rest.

For I don't need eggs, eggs, ex, exterminate!!!

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