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The Third Gender Is Oppressed by the State (satire)

Due to the male-female extremism common in society today, a doctor at birth determines if the baby is male or female.

Ambiguous genitals discovered during examination by the physician requires fixing it including forcing a boy with micropenis to be treated as a girl, and for a girl with pseudomicropenis-like clitoris to be treated as a boy IF she has no vagina (which does happen).

The truth is, due to the State falling for the either or fallacy about men and women, boy and girl, such sexual reassignments will be done with impunity, because children will refuse to address this once they become adults out of fear and embarassment about "being different" below the waist.

Truth be told, there are three genders.

Anything else enforced by the State through its health care actors is propaganda, and ultimately a lie which causes homophobes to get sexually excited over beating up gay people, and for teenagers to exercise control over sexually active teenaged girls by bullying them.

Indeed, there is probably an unconscious sexual component involved in bullying and related forms of violence, and possibly including mob violence.

Yes, I am saying normal human beings get turned on by violence against people who don't fit into their narrow categories of men and women, boy and girl, male and female.

As well, this male versus female dichotomy is an artifact of the post-modern era.

Originally posted on November 30, 2012 at 6:34 PM


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