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Americans Don't Have the Right to Bear Arms

Given that America is neither in a civil war nor in a revolutionary war, the "right to bear arms" does not apply to the average American. Rather, Americans may share the privilege of becoming an NRA member and even that of a survivalist.

However, anyone claiming to have the inviolable right to bear arms is always misunderstanding that right.

Is America in a civil war? A Revolutionary war? If you think so, then you fail the mentally competent test.

As for the right to self defense, that's not even covered by the amendment right to bear arms. Rather, that's covered by property rights i.e. a citizen of America has the right to defense his or her property from trespass.

According to state law, that right of self defense includes shoot to kill when it is determined that one's life is threatened.

However, in the case of death threats and the like, that falls under criminal harassment, and if the perpetrator continues to harass you, then it would be illegal for you to hunt him/her down and shoot him.

Though if the harasser hunts you down and tries to kill you, then you have the right of self-defense, provided the presence of your gun removes his will to kill or, in the worst case scenario, you shoot your harasser dead, then the court of law may rule in your favor. Though that might be determined by how many bullets you put in your harasser. >:)

Therefore, the right to bear arms only applies to the two possible scenarios: a civil war and a revolutionary war.

Additionally, the purchase and use of a firearm for protection and self defense has nothing whatsoever to do with the right to bear arms, but with the right to safety and security as well as the right to protect your property from criminal trespass.

So try again NRA.

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