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Honor Killings Are Still Murder

I could quote from news articles from Middle Eastern and African nations where more madness goes on that is more common than child abuse deaths in America.

In one Middle Eastern country, a Yazidi girl fell in love with a Muslim boy, and the Yazidi menfolk demanded that the Yazidi sheik protecting her release her to her family. Or else.

So the sheik did so, whilst urging the men not to harm her. She ended up stoned to death, merely for falling in love with a Muslim boy.

In Egypt, Coptic girls are routinely harassed by men of Salafi Islam sect, merely for being Christian. The Egyptian government usually looks the other way.

In Libya, blood feuds are going on right now, just because a handful of clans supported its former leader Gadaffi. Yet we never hear any stories from the women of Libya. In fact, the West has been repeatedly told to mind their own business.

In Somalia, a 13-year old girl was stoned to death for reporting a rape to the militia. Before the stoning, witnesses to the rape tried to rescue the child but were shot by militia members.

Imagine how many deaths of Syrian girls are happening right now just because their brother, cousin, or father is a rebel.

However, honor killings are still murder, yet because of the Law of Hammurabi, the men in those countries will get away with it.

Then think about the Palestinian girls caught in the bombing of the Gaza strip by Israel in November 2012, left shell shocked and mourning their loved ones.

I know of one story where a Palestinian girl was shot by an Israeli sniper.

While that's not an honor killing, it is proof that Israel is willing to do anything to keep the big business of warfare alive so the right-wing and religious parties could dominate Israeli politics, using the victimhood of anti-Semitism to ensure its popular vote.

With recent Israeli elections in January 2013, though, the government's political stance has moved slightly to the left from right. Currently the left / centre / Arab parties took 59 seats while the right-wing / religious parties took 61.

All of this killing is terrorism in the Middle East, whereas in America, instead of terrorists, we get school shooters making news during Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, and the return to school at the end of August.

Yet the only difference between a terrorist and a school shooter is the former kills to fulfill the demands of his ideology whilst the latter kills due to the misused ideology of his parents.


Yazidi girl stoned:

Blood feuds threatened by Gaddafi's clan:

Civilians seize besieged former Gaddafi stronghold:

Coptic Christians harassed by Egyptian Muslims:

Two Christian Coptic Girls Disappear:

Child of 13 stoned to death in Somalia:

Sectarian violence in the 2011-2012 Syria uprising:

Israeli air strike kills three generations of Palestinian family:

Gaza Ceasefire (source for 166 Palestinians killed in recent Israeli air strike:

Israeli sniper shoots girl in her home:

2013 Israel Election:,_2013
In 2009, out of a total of 120 seat in the Knesset; the right-wing / religious parties had 65 seats
versus the left / centre / Arab parties having 55 seats.
In 2013, the right-wing /religious parties now have 61 seats to the left / centre / Arab parties having 59.

Christmas shootings:

2012 Sandy Hook shootings:

Easter shooting in 2012:

Thanksgiving shooting 2012:

August 2012 school shooting:

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