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Controlling the Impulsive Mind

It helps to think and think again before giving in to any impulsive act, especially when every time you do, you get a cheap thrill & want to act on impulse again.

A demonstration of this is trying to make twelve pieces of gum last a week. The best way to make gum last is leave the package of gum at home after having just one.

Whenever that package is in your back pocket, you might have anywhere from one to three, or more, depending on your ability to self-hypnotize yourself into feeling fully satisfied chewing on gum.

All it takes is self control of the mind, the only kind of mind control.

A more effective form of mind control is meditation; indeed, it is the only form of mind control. In other cases of mind control, the person who is supposedly being controlled by another person actually has made an unconscious decision to be controlled. This also applies to "brainwashed" people. Thus, contemporary view of mind control is couched in myth not fact.

For the fact is, only meditation can control the mind, and help a person to think critically, despite the unconscious desire to give in to follow the "natural" path to satisfaction.

Originally that path led to craving for sensation. Now it leads to meditation.

Meditation can even moderate impulse control as demonstrated by the gum example above.

All it begins is with the breath, and the resulting benefits are endless.

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