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Debunking Doomsday Hoaxes

The next time the conspiracy theorists mention the solar flare doomsday scenario, post this URL with the following rebuttal:

"I call your doomsday prediction a hoax by referring you to the experts' facts contained in this web link..

If it is refuted by any variation of 'the government coverup' fallacy, then you will confirm that your website is designed to fool naïve people.

If, on the other hand, you admit that you are perpetuating a hoax, then it makes sense to include this link on your website, because your free speech rights not only allows you the privilege to perpetuate a hoax but also obliges you to moderate its potential fear-mongering with what the experts say."

How to spot a hoax web site:

Webpages use images which are of low quality.

Content on web pages on the website paint a picture of a no-win doomsday scenario but lacks any information from at least one reliable source that proves said scenario. A reliable source depends on the context. If it is the "killer solar flare" scenario then there should be a link to a NASA website. If it is the "Mayan doomsday" scenario, see below

Fear-mongering is the intent of the content if you feel anxious after reading it. To counteract this fear, Google "killer solar flare hoax". If it's the Mayan doomsday hoax, Google "Mayan doomsday hoax".

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