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You can Get Raped But Not Protest Rape in the World's Largest Democracy

While the lady raped on the bus in Delhi got emergency treatment in Singapore, the 17-year old girl who was raped recently by an auto rickshaw driver committed suicide.

The reason why has led to police officials getting canned.

Why should a minor who has been raped either choose between marrying the man who raped her or settling for blood money from his rapists? Especially when the police refused to file the rape complaint, which actually victimized the young woman as much as the rape itself.

If this is how the officials of the world's biggest democracy handle rape cases, it shows that the State is highly patriarchal in nature.

Even though India may be a nuclear power, domestically it seems democracy cannot inculcate in its men full respect for its women.

IMO it looks like in both cases, the men were investing in their manhood more than in any respect for women.

Their actions were predatory in nature, and in both cases, the police have failed in their duty to the State to protect The People.

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