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Review of The Hunger Games

It beats the movie because the movie lacked actual diversity.

Why were the guards in the volunteer scene black?

Why are most of the tributes WASP?

In comparison you can't make books have colour because the author would have to work at it.

Ergo the book isn't as racist and sexist as the movie because it was written by a woman who was writing for young teens and middle school children (ages 10-18).

In the book, sexism was muted. However it became stereotyped by the city folk. It wasn't oppressive though.

You had to try hard to see it. Did Prim use Katniss? Was Kat using Prim?

It is obvious that the former America is still a repressive patriarchy because of the hunger games.

Currently I'm awaiting the soft cover of the next book in the trilogy to see how they defy the elite society which controls them.

I rate this book 4/5.

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