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The Plight of Male Prostitutes

In respect to prostitution, boys are sexually abused at an earlier age than girls. When they enter prostitution, they also enter it at an earlier age than girls (8-10 vs 12-18 for girls).

However, male prostitutes are not always gay. They may also be bisexual and heterosexual, even if their main customers are male.

Indeed, male prostitution do not perform gay sex. Usually they are receivers of anal sex.

Yes, they are sodomized.

And that means that male prostitutes are more at-risk than female prostitutes.

Why? Because girls and women can get out of prostitution before age 18.

This is because male prostitutes do not want to risk how the STate treats them if they try to get out of the industry before age 18.

Usually this leads to the chaos of foster care.

Foster care usually will violate the rights of male prostitutes to a stable and secure home since most foster parents do not understand male prostitution.

What we need are safe homes for male prostitutes who want out.

But it won't happen in a society whose feminists will object to this misogynist and sexist rant.

Ergo we need an egalitarian society that supports gender equality transition. The privileges of feminism versus the privileges of the patriarchy only continues an unnecessary gender war.

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