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Why Benghazi Was Underprotected

Benghazi fell because Libyan policy before after Gadaffi fell from power was this: "you may bomb Gadaffi but never set foot in Libya".

Why was this the case? Because no Muslim likes an occupation army in his country. This resentment for European and American presence is tempered by oppressive French and British rule during their colonial foray at emùpire-building, which now is continued by America's aggressive economic empire building.

It can also be seen in how the UN voted for Palestine's presence as non-member observer: America, and its main trade partner Canada, and a handful of Latin American nations friendly to the US due to tourist dollars. In contrast, the rest of the world backed Palestine, thanks to the work of pro-Palestine organizations and people both in Canada and around the world.

Returning to Benghazi, I am thankful to Paula Broadwell for whistle-blowing regarding the cover-up by Obama, falsely attributing the loss of American lives at the embassy on an anti-Muslim movie by Coptic Christians eager to engage Salafi oppressors in their home nation of Egypt.

The fact still remains that America complied by Libyan demands to not place an occupation force to guard its national asset in Benghazi.

My guess is, Libya feared exposure of munitions recovered from Gadaffi stockpiles making its way into Syria through the Qaeda network to replenish Qaeda militants in Syria, whose job is to attack both Syrian rebels and the Assad government troops so as to prepare the country for the Muslim Brotherhood to rule as it had in Egypt.

It would be embarassing for America to realize that Libya fought this civil war, not just because Gadaffi was oppressive during his regime but because he dared to share the oil wealth in a socialist manner in the Alberta tar sand way, by giving every Libyan a share of oil profits. Additinally Gadaffi wanted to create an Arab gold currency standard. However, Libya fell to rebel troops who most likely had moral support from Big Oil interests through their lobbyists in DC.

So the propaganda in the article below is interesting in pretending America had no interest in Libya. It's stupid for mass media to continue to deny that America's interest in Iraq, and even in Libya, is due to Big Oil pressuring Washington to feed America's hunger for oil.

As for Afghanistan, the reason there is murky but the invasion caused heroin exports to Europe and the US to rise, along with the other cash crop, cannabis. So most likely it was to increase funds for black-ops in the region. ;)


analysis of Obama's Light Footprint in Middle East:

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