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PressTV's Propaganda or News Facts?

I've viewed PressTV and find myself amused by the spin they take.

I hope they interview that Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram about her songs for children, and her assuming modesty after her early years as entertainer, showing off her beauty. PressTV would perfectly play the clown for a classroom of middle school students.

Its content is easy enough for children 12 and up to understand to get a feel for Shi'a propaganda as opposed to the Salafi-influenced Egyptian and Hamas rhetoric and the civil war in Iraq between Salafi Sunni who were once the ruling minority and Shi'a majority (which actually now has become internal conflict within Iraqi parliament.

It is sad that Assad's Syria consists of the same demographics as Iraq but is not surprising as Iraq and Syra have been under Baathist dictatorships since 1966. Thus, the struggle in Syria is related to the NATO-backed Salafi Sunnis and the rebel Shi'a nationalists of Iraq, many of whom love the Iranian moral support but crave more munitions be diverted from Iran, rather than the infrequent trickle of today.

However, don't rely on my one-sided monologue. Check out PressTV to see why it's called propaganda.

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