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Respect the Bruin

Bears require respect, not fear.

They also do not want to do more than eat.

Therefore citizens in suburbs close to bear habitat need to invest in bear-proof garbage containers, and the municipalities containing bear habitat need to enact bylaws to protect bears.

As well, citizens must keep natural habitat away from their property i.e. remove invasive blackberry bushes.

In this way, the bears are protected and so are the people.

For my limited observations of bears have shown to me that they respond to threats such as loud noise with counter threats, but usually are present for a free meal.

Thus, bylaw officers need to observe problem behavior of humans to mitigate bear-human interactions i.e. enforced litter laws since any wrapper smells like food and poses a risk to the bear.

Since a person cannot eat wrappers, it makes sense that bears cannot eat them and will risk similar problems to what humans risk when ingesting alumnium foil, paper, and plastic found in food wrappers.

If we wish to respect the bear, then communities near bear habitat need to be bear proofed.


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