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Heightened Security Risks Invasion of Privacy

Even the Broadwell-Petraeus fiasco in the US demonstrates how privacy concerns are ignored when security is risked.

This has been going on for some times prior to 9-11.

The last time I visited my hometown in Aldergrove, at the town corner of 272 St and Fraser Hwy, there are two cameras. One is a hi def camera to record license plates of vehicles going west and north.

There also is a pedestrian camera near the north west corner. You can tell this is a pedestrian camera as it is not as large as the hi def camera.

Closer to home, at 72 Ave on Scott Rd, there are two pedestrian camera for east west and north south traffic.

There are also cameras at Scott Rd and Nordel Way.

Overall, I'd feel safer if we had peace officers on foot. Tho that practice was done away with after the assaults and killings of foot police circa 1950 and before.

As well, there is no guarantee a policeman walking the beat is more law abiding than the average citizen is.

Read the history about Vancouver police, Edmonton police, and Winnipeg police.

Overall, a Christian belonging to a conservative denomination (Baptists ) is less likely to be corrupt than a policeman.

However, Jehovah Witnesses are more likely to have dealt with adultery, drug abuse, and fraternizing with prostitutes in their history; this may also be true of all denominations where most of the people who report Christian as their badge of spirituality do not pray daily and only go to church once a week i.e. nominally Christian).

It also depends on whether the person is from the country or lived in cities. Corruption depends on your willingness to condone crime in the city in fear of your life, and likewise, your willingness to report crime in the town because it's what anyone believes in his smalltown believes.

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