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Letter to Rogers Communication: Retention of Creditor

Here's my letter to Rogers Communication; with personal information redacted to prevent a lawsuit from Rogers:

Dear Sirs,

This is in response to mail sent to me August 30, 2012.

As you know I owe you over $1400 in debt for three accounts registered with you.

I also know the purpose of retention, which is to retain accounts even if they are endebted to you, so that you (the corporation) can show it as an asset.

However, this is not sound money management, as no matter how I try to trick my bookkeeping, I cannot get my debt to you declared as an asset.

Yet, you as a corporation have rights under corporate law as a person, despite the fact that Rogers Communication is not a person but a corporation.

The proof of this surmise is that you fear placing my account with a debt collector because you get paid pennies per dollar for it while the debt collector gets the outstanding balance of over $1400 plus whatever it is able to tack on. Indeed, I could settle for 1/4 - 1/3 of what I owe you, which according to my calculations is about 36 x $350 or $18000. for the three year terms on three of my smartphones.

The debt collector will then settle my account for $4500-6000.

So you see, you are in no position to sell my debt to a debt collector because you don't get $4500-6000 for transfering debt collection from your collections agents to theirs.

Therefpore you have no business dictating payment in full of what I owe you. In future correspondence with me, please do not cast me in a negative light or anything remotely like this. This includes the mention of ruining my account and the like. Since I have managed to do that without your help, it makes no sense on your part to play that line with me.

Thank you for your time.

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Radha Santadharma said...

ROGERS: $2709.46
DUE: 2012/12/21


FIDO: $1233.03
DUE: 2012/12/24