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Could Homosexuality Be Precipitated by Heterosexual Aggression?

Anecdotal evidence also indicates that women associate sexual aggression including the desire to have orgasm with selfishness, and they tend to be more reluctant to seek satisfaction than men due to being raised to associate such aggression with being anathema to being feminine.

This may explain why women, both gay and straight, tend to be more openminded about male homosexuals and condoning latent homosexual behavior in adolescence than men.

IMO the homophobic fallout of the 1920s further emphasized this double standard in the public school system, where it was considered to be sissy to not act like all boys and any boy who was a sissy was bullied to the point of rebelling against heterosexual groupthink.

Am I implying that heterosexual aggression may influence both men and women to choose to become queer?

Yes, because there is evidence that queers of both sexes are victims of child abuse (mainly physical abuse).

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