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Hasidic Jewess Fights Back

On Google Plus, this Jewish women led me to find out that this alone is her battle.

"Though the young woman’s parents had asked her to drop the case as recently as this spring, the victim testified, about 20 members of her family came to show their support in court."

I am certain that her husband supported her decision to help bring closure.

It is a touching story, and one that most people would like to ignore, just as the Hasidic community does to anyone who reports such things to outsiders.

While I do not have a problem with Hasidism, its rules promote social isolation which makes it a ripe hunting ground for sexual predators within the community, as well as increasing the risk for depression due to its rules imposed on the community.

Thankfully, because this young 18-year-old woman is female, there is a ground swell of support both inside and outside the Jewish community.

Hopefully the next male victim of a reb who is a pedophile will come forward, and the advocates against child abuse will rally to his cause, too.

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