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Middle Brother Online Martial Arts

In the following list, I will try to describe the four most important tips for on-line users of browsers and the like, both on the PC and on a smartphone. After that, I'll manage a conclusion, I swear.

1) When, in an on-line discussion, bone up on the topic at hand. Your web browser has tabs for a reason.

2) In said discussion, remember it is almost make believe, until the other guy takes things too personal. At extreme risk, lives might be lost.

3) Never argue with an avatar. Ask the person to chat and discuss it like two mature adults. Have witnesses.

4) Never meet anyone you've met on-line unless it's in a mall food court. That way, you can tell from the way he eats, if he's housebroken.

5) If you indulge in cybersex, then remember that you both live far away from each other, which it makes the safest of safe sex, but never cyber a cousin even if she is once removed and the cousin's in-law, i.e. the aunt's first child. You know what I mean and where this is going to go.

In conclusion,the on-line experience requires patience, peace of mind, and a lot of meditation, both on Buddhist sutras and on the worst case scenario.

Without patience, your impatience could ruin the moment. Lacking peace of mind, a few people have lost their minds. Finally the best way to develop peace of mind and patience is to study martial arts and get a black belt.

Then you spend a year meditating on what you have learned in martial arts.

After that do you realize even though your body is a dangerous weapon, you have the capacity to control it and observe each situation, acting on the information you have collected to ascertain the situation and take control of it.

For that will prepare you for college.

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