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Why Wade Michael Page Shot Up Sikh Temple

Since 9-11, misdirect biased attacks having been occurring against Sikhs, mainly by people who fail to understand that Sikhs are not Muslims.

Regarding mass media reports, the article in the NY Post did not fully remind Americans that not everyone wearing a turban is Muslim while the NY Times went into detail to show that Sikhs are not Muslims. NBC's report reflects breaking news before forensics experts analyze the crime scene.

According to mass media reports, in this late summer attack in Milwaukee, this misdirected bias attack developed a myth based on the NY Post article: a man dumped by his lover due to his penchant for violence, who in a fit of what was originally misogynist rage, decides to sacrifice the innocent lives of Sikhs, just because they wear turbans. In essence, he went psychotic and made the irrational decision to to channel all his hate against his ex-girlfriend and possibly his mother for not loving him enough to accept him as he is, warts and all, misdirecting it to what are innocent bystanders.

However, this may be a myth.

A closer look at his profile in the Wikipedia article on the Milwaukee shootings give a full background of a man who in his youth worked for the US Army as a missile systems repairman, and when that weapon was rendered obsolete, became a psychological warfare (PSYOPS) specialist until his self-medication with alcohol led to involuntary discharge in 1998. He then returned to Colorado, living in Littleton from 2000-2007. Overall this profile indicates that he comes from a broken home with his step-mother divorcing his father in 2000, leading to estrangement.

His later involvement in white supremacy tends to indicates replacement of parental guidance with a group known for its membership of marginalized white males where group cohesion is maintained by replacing State propaganda with a radical right ideology where empowerment is achieved through catharsis achieved through shame of being a white male and the resulting empowerment consisting of the white supremist ideology without a clearly articulated plan to achieve such supremacy. Without any rules about how to achieve said supremacy, various members of such groups exhibit impulsive acts of violence on their own initiative, often while under the influence of alcohol.

Perhaps hate filters out everything but the turban, despite the fact that most Muslims do not wear turbans anymore. Indeed, none of the 9-11 terrorists wore turbans, thus invalidating any racist's irrational logic that "all men who wear turbans are Muslim."

This logical fallacy is the result of hate propaganda which, by its nature appeals to emotions and thus is false.

Sikhs in turbans daily disprove they are militant by spending most of their time in their temples in prayer and feeding their hungry members.

However, this shooting shows that once again, like the Columbine mass school killing, the Ecole Polytech massacre, the Dawson College shooting, the VTech shooting and even the Newtown Shooting demonstrate that each one of them is a misdirected bias killing in which a target is chosen to direct rage originally experienced with each of the killer's original target of rage (be it father, mother or girlfriend).

Since it is not safe to kill your parents or someone you love, in such a killer's mind, killing a mass of people you hate is preferable to doing something positive to get over the fact that the people you love hurt you, like forgiving them and moving on.

This might also explain violence in general, too.

I propose a simple way to reduce such carnage in the future: institute in public and private schools emotional support for children of divorce and a harm control plan for alcohol and recreational drugs. As well, the culture of silence among today's youth requires the support of whistle-blowers.

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