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Barbara Amiel as the hypocrite

Barbara Amiel slagged journalists, which shows to the person in the know that she's forgotten her roots as a columnist for that Eastern Canadian rag, the Globe & Mail.

Conrad Black was attracted to her back then because she had big melon-sized tits and a nice ass.

And usually in her columns, Barbara tended to be conservative. She'd never mention the homeless or the poor in her articles, just in case she'd be called a bleeding-heart liberal or have to cry crocodile tears like some socialist journalist after communing with nature in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouveer.

Should Lord and Lady Black ever become destitute, I have the solution to their financial woes:

Barbara Amiel can pose nude for Playboy, and show us how well preserved those tits and ass are.

Though recently Barbara did get weepy-eyed for paedophiles.

Why? Very few paedophiles are violent to their victims. I don't know about some of these kids nowadays, for sometimes they seek older men for guidance.

Maybe that's why Barbara Amiel dressed sexy for Lord Black...

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