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Religious Peers Disrespect Their Sexually Active Peers

"The students’ religious beliefs were also a part of the study, with researchers saying that people without religious beliefs or those of religions like #Buddhism seemed less likely to express an attitude of disrespect toward people who were involved in casual sex than people of the Catholic faith, for example."

Proof that Buddhists are more respectful of people who have casual sex, than say, those catholics.

It is this disrespect from Christian peers which causes casual sex, since shunning leads to social isolation. Ergo shunning by religious peers is the root cause of casual sex.

Yes, I said it: monogamous religious people and virgins who shun their peers who have casual sex are the cause of them deciding to fuck everyone on sight.

This, like mental illness, is stigmatized by sexually immature religious people.

Disrespected by their peers, the sexually active women are called names and suffer shunning. Such behavior by their peers are a causal influence on their self esteem, and in rare cases, like Amanda Todd are known to commit suicide.

Thus, high school students need to look at their behavior to choose to be supportive of sexually active students, even if it means being bullied and shunned.

For by doing so, you are exercising the non-judgmental mentality which will help you survive school.

In some cases, being called a slut for being chaste and willing to defend your sexually active sisters is proof that you are non-judgmental and morally superior to your religious peers.


Radha Santadharma said...

Casual sex is a reaction to censure by religious peers.

Thus STDs are not due to God's will, but to religious peers shaming and shunning their sexually active peers.

Stephen Kawamoto said...

It is still a form of bullying to shame sexually active people and resort to ad hominem attacks.