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War on Terror Manufactures Consent for Big Brother Laws

On December 9, 2001, I wrote the following article, which criticizes Seth Stevenson for attributing the "war on terrorism" to 9-11, when in fact the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq were planned months earlier in an attempt to make it easier to get oil to Western markets without having both the Taleban and Saddam Hussein to deal with...

Seth Stevenson tries to pretend the "war on terrorism" is due to 4000 people getting killed at the WTC and the Pentagon, ignoring the fact that American foreign policy has affect more people's lives since WW 2.

Indeed, Stevenson tries not to analyze the real war on Afghanistan from its origins in the invasion by the Soviets to America's involvement in bin Laden's training as freedom fighter.

Other sources in mass media pretend that Pakistan's involvement in Afghanistan and the training of terrorists it supports is news to them.

It turns out that a recent report put out prior to 9/11/2001 stated that MOSSAD is quite capable of making an attack on American assets look like the Arabs did it.

Remember that originally bin Laden said that he had no clue who was behind the 9/11 attacks, but later started taking credit for the attacks when Bush began to press for his capture -- no compromises, no negotiations.

Then bin Laden's news videos started getting radical, with him provoking the militant freedom fighters - fighting to be free of American influence - known as terrorists while eventually admitting to the WTC/Pentagon attacks.

Now the war on Afghanistan continues on, due to America's machination, and the War on Terrorism will not end with the capture of Saddam Hussein, but continues on to destroy people's lives. Yet the Americans still hadn't caught their manufactured mastermind, Usama/Osmaine bin Laden. (On May 2, 2011 bin Laden was supposedly killed and buried at sea.)

What they did do was manufacture consent for stealing our freedom with Big Brother laws...
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