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Burmese State Oppresses Rohingya

In June 1967, Buddhists in Rangoon participated in an anti-Chinese riot in which hundreds of Burmese Chinese were killed, thousands were injured, & much Chinese-owned property was looted or destroyed – including attacks on the Xinhua News Agency office & the Chinese Embassy.

Today we have been witnessing the oppression by criminals of the Rohingya, who have lived along the #Bangladesh border with #Burma since the 8th century. However, in the 800s CE the Bamar (today's dominant ethnic group) from the borders of China & Tibet arrived in north Burma. In 849 they founded the city of Pagan.

Today, most Buddhists who live along the Burma-Bangladesh border are near-illiterate primitive people that believe the Buddha was Burmese and born there.

If Buddhists in Myanmar cannot even follow the teachings of the Buddha, then what hope have God-worshippers?

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