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Free speech Isn't Mind Control

1) Each and every person has the right to be free of the control of others, even while online

2) Each of us makes decisions online to either submit to the control of another person, even if it is actually a corporate monolith that is perceived as cold and threatening to the liberty of the People.

3) If this makes you anxious, then please note the following:
3a) You decided to feel anxious in response to what you read.
3b) While it cannot be helped that my words seem able to manipulate your feelings, this is because of the power of communication.
3c) I actually have no power to manipulate your feelings.
3d) The proof of 3c is simple: You decided to feel a certain way based on what you read, however, you are under no obligation to feel that way FOREVER.
3e) Wait a few minutes more and decide of you wish to continue feeling anxious.

4) As long as you continue to feel based on what you read, you are actually under the influence of YOUR DECISION to feel that way. Even though I may have influenced your decision, I cannot influence your decision NOT to feel that way. That decision is solely up to you.

5) Therefore, while I may influence your initial decision to feel a certain way, I have no control over you controlling your mind, without your compliance.
5a) As a result of this conclusion, my right to free speech does not significantly influence your decision to feel a certain way.

6) However, if you feel that I have controlled your feelings, then I have a way to solve that.


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