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Censorship: The Myth of Male Power

When a man calls a woman a girl, in no way is it solely implicit that he means she is weak and helpless.

For calling a woman a girl only identifies gender. In the implied insult, "girl" == " female child", which requires suspension of disbelief regarding the conclusion that a child is powerless. This is a myth.

If a child was truly powerless, then why do grown adults fawn over a cute child? A good mass media example of this is the Home Alone franchise.

Therefore the use of the statement, "he called me a girl and thus implies I am weak and powerless" AKA "the male power trip" is a fallacy. For it is a myth that men have power over women. Most laws in Canada protect the rights of women, and thus render arguments about the myth of male power invalid.

This is because such intent cannot be proven since online discussions are protected by free speech.

Implicit in the above arguments regarding the myth of male power over women is its use in censorship.

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