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The Eight Sufferings Don't Cure Hemmorhoids

Next time you go and meditate, please meditate on the Eight Sufferings.

For it may inspire you to become compassionate and wise.

You might even be inspired to preach the Buddhadharma to a person in need of relief from his suffering.

Because death is only a temporary escape due to the working of karma, it makes sense to prevent suffering to that people are inspired to listen to the Buddha's word and follow his teachings.

For in doing so, psychic suffering is cured.

Otherwise, meditation isn't worth the hemmorhoids.

(1) Suffering of Birth;

(2) Suffering of Old Age;

(3) Suffering of Sickness;

(4) Suffering of Death;

(5) Suffering of being apart from the loved ones;

(6) Suffering being together with the despised ones;

(7) Suffering of not getting what one wants;

(8) Suffering of the flourishing of the Five Skandhas. ( form, consciousness, feeling, perception, and formatio

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