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Gulliver's Travels

Between 2008 and 2011, HSBC saw profits drop, and were actually losing money in 2011, despites cash flow more than ten times its fine in 2012.

Over $19 billion went throgh the bank from drug cartels and rogue nations, with executives aware that they should have reported cash coming into the bank over $10,000 but looking the other way.

Quite possibly they were motivated by recent losses in profits for the bank. However, I bet the losses were indirectly the result of money laundering going on since HSBC was in the opium business in the 19th Century.

I wish there was a way to publicly shame Mr. Gulliver, the CEO of HSBC, and see him do things to prove his worth of over $9 million.

Like, he could give more to charity, especially stopping Third World hunger, and supporting drug legalization.

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