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Murder and Sexual Assault Not Related to Psychosis

April 24, 2007: "In America, the homocide rate is a little over 5 per 100,000 with 3/4 of victims being men and almost 90% of perpetrators also men. This works out to 12.4 per 100,000 male victims, 16 per 100,000 male perpetrators, 3.6 per 100,000 female victims and 1.9 per 100,000 female perpetrators.

So unless it happens to be the rare case of a man being murdered by a woman or even rarer, a woman by a woman, most men murder mostly other men. One in four victims are female."

Therefore, violent men murder mainly men, but one in four of victims are female.

As well, the rate of sexual assaults has decreased over the past 7 years.

Even if we assume 1/3 of assaults are reported, that's still about 100 assaults per 100,0000 people.

There are more people who may report psychosis and usually without any causal link with murder and violent crime.

Even so, with the rate of psychopaths committing a violent act, there has to be a casual relationship with murder and sexual assault.

Update: 20120118.0055

Even in light of recent murder suicides in the US, and the new assault weapon bill, it is doubtful any of the people involved were psychotic.

Thuis being said, a few of them might have acted psychotic but they planned everything. A few of them even planned to die, too.

As for the Aurora theatre murder, that is like most of these mass killings where the perpetrator chooses to shoot a substitute (people he didn't know) for matricide and patricide.

For at the root of most killings is self-hate reflected first on our parents. Yet because killing one's parents is so big a taboo, it becomes easier to kill complete strangers rather than having a big argument with your parents.

At least, that's what psychopaths might believe.

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