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Most groups are Run by Betas

Overall, this article tersely describes the ideal aspects of human behavior which may be common to most people.

In a real life situation, the risk of stereotyping human behavior by rigidly categorizing them as alpha, beta, gamma or delta is that it obscures the other three aspects of behavior.

And when we actively ignore the fact that no one is exclusively this or that but most of us are actually the whole of alpha, beta, gamma and delta attributes.

Few women are actually alpha, because one beta will become alpha for a group of betas until another beta becomes dominant.

A true alpha, male or female, isolates from the group. he designates a beta to be second in command and temporarily alpha.

Also alphas use violence as a tool to maintain dominance, and sometimes teach a favored beta to be alpha.

However, even when trained, a beta will revert to beta when a dominant betas goes alpha, or a true alpha is present.

Also betas use nonviolent methods of social control. This helps distinguish betas from alphas.

Gammas never resort to violence, though they may be victims of violence by alphas.

I still insist that alphas tend to social isolate themselves from groups, since their dominating nature tends to render a group dysfunctional.

However, I believe that once in a while, deltas arise as people dare to be different, and resort to a combination of behaviors that reflect alpha, beta and gamma qualities of dominance, loyalty, submission and servitude, depending on the situation.

They see alpha dominance as a guide to maintain control over the group, and thus may use beta and gamma behaviors to fit in.

Privately a delta will adapt to betas, and facilitate their aloha qualities in group scenarios where a single alpha is absent.

As well, deltas will dominate gammas if need be but will motivate and nurture gammas, bringing out their nascent beta characteristics.

A delta is unafraid of competition, yet seeks to even the playing field since a hierarchy is often abused by dominant alphas.

Think of deltas as the democratic diplomats of society.

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