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On emptiness/Nothingness and Impermanence

Emptiness (nothingness) is the absence of inherent existence in all phenomena i.e. nothing lasts forever, yet all things have a finite existtence.

Thus "attachment is empty of non-attachment" means that both qualities do not last.

Emptiness affirms the impermanence of everything in the Buddhaverse, which includes the many Buddha worlds and also this world.

However, the phrase "nothing is real" is a false dogma. The truth is, "nothingness is True Reality" i.e.the affirmation of the Void as devoid of permanence.

Thus, an immortal soul is a sick parody of ego delusion, for even the ego has a limited lifespan. Contrary to Billy Graham's myths about the soul, it is a fiction according to Buddhism.

However, the soul is empty of existence i.e. the soul does not existence except to the exclusive Christian philosopher within the world of Christendom.

For the Buddhist, the universe is real, but true reality is empty of permanent existence i.e. reality has a finite life.

It only seems infinite when compared to the life of a human being.

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