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Self-power of Zen & Other-Power of Pure Land

From my myopic mindset, the average Westerner who is new to Buddhism is deathly afraid of the Four Noble Truths since suffering as she knows it is depressing.

As well, because the Pure Land way will expose the follower to the truth that even Bodhisattvas may be deluded, this discourages the fearful from following Shinran on the True Pure Land Path.

Yet such people are not worthy of becoming Pure Land followers. Why? Because they cling to their fears, despite such clinging leading to the Three Evils.

Thus it takes courage to believe in the Pure Land and to have faith in the Primal Vow.

For those Buddhists who instead gravitate towards Zen have chosen self-power out of fear of Other-power. Instead of being embraced by Amida, they hold onto the Buddha in vain.

It's no wonder they are confused by Pure Land followers whose faith rests soley in the heartmind of compassion and wisdom, rather than sitting on their asses in zazen like ne'er-do-wells.

These Zen masters are so arrogant that they consider it to be cheating to choose the Pure Land way. Furthermore, they think Pure Land followers are attached to the reward of the Pure Land, which is laughable to those followers who practice Buddha Remembrance.

For all the Zen Patriarchs approved of the Nembutsu to chant as Buddha Remembrance during zazen.

Yet because of Hakuin's doing, the Nembutsu was replaced by koans because that old Zen Patriarch despised the easy practice of Buddha Remembrance.

Even so, Buddha Remembrance helps improve meditation just as meditation helps improve Buddha Remembrance.

This is why most Chinese Pure Land followers have combined Zen with Pure Land.

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