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Sentient Beings Are No Substitute for the Buddha

If all sentient beings are potential Buddhas, then why can't a sentient being replace the Buddha during Buddha Remembrance chanting and visualization?

Because the Buddha is usually an idealized form of Amida, recitation to Amida while visualizing Amida Buddha will help promote Buddhist Remembrance Samadhi.

However, a picture of the Buddha like the Daishi Buddha will sufice during Buuddha Remembrance practice.

Replacing the Buddha's image with that of a sentient being would introduce distraction to the recitation of Amida's name. For the purpose of visualization is to become one with the Buddha, not with a sentient being.

As well, it is a picture of a celebrity, desire could distract the practitioner from having the right mind to visualize correctly.

Therefore, substituting the image of a sentient being for Amida Buddha will hinder spiritual progress towards samadhi.

It would be like using paper cups and plate to eat dinner when you have regular dinnerware available.

For it is not respect to the Buddha nor is it respectful to sentient beings to visualize a sentient being instead of Amida Buddha, even though all sentient beings are potential Buddhas.

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