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The Man Who will Save Colombia's Poor

Thiis man used to be my neighbor when I lived in Aldergrove until 1980.

This man is why Vancouver has a lot of successful charities.

Unfortunately he couldn't save an icon of Vancouver, that opera or whatever it was called. However, I feel activities which need charity to survive need money management to survive.

As well, it needs a new gimmick to keep various non-profit organizations from going belly up.

For Frank Giustra may be rich, but it's not up to him to rescue organizations that subsist on charity and become its patron.

Rather, it is the obligation of all people who've never been to public school, and who graduated from great colleges and universities bot in America and Canada, as well as around the world, to attend a charity and develop your philanthropic endeavors.

I'm proud of you and Frank Giustra.

Thanks for the charity.

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