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The Bodhi Mind is Emptiness

When you contrive to eradicate all thought in your mind, this is no-thought. However, a mind cannot be empty of thought, for thought always flows through it.

Thus, the practice of no-thought is all in vain, since each thought you eradicate only leads to more thoughts to eradicate. It is like trying to find the needle in the haystack.

Indeed, it is impossible to remove all thought from the mind, just as it is impossible to stop the flow of a stream with your hands. It is this impossible task that vexes the mind, producing even more thoughts.

How vain is it then to even attempt to stop all thought in the mind!

Thus the act of emptying your mind is in vain. For your mind is already empty. It has Buddha Nature, which is emptiness itself, and is capable of achieving Bodhi Mind, which is the motivation to achieve Enlightenment with the determination to achieve Buddhahood and the aspiration to rescue all sentient beings.

Even though your mind is full of thoughts, it is empty of clinging to these thoughts.

By attempting to empty your mind of thoughts, this is clinging. By clinging, the ego arises.

For what is ego but a kind of insanity, grasping in ignorance, and always craving?

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