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The Fallacy of anti-semitism and anti-Zionism

Roman lawyer Tertullian wrote the first anti-semitic propaganda circa "fugitives and vagabonds, condemned to be scattered all over the earth because of the disrespect they had shown to the Christian Saviour".

Thus Christian anti-semitism was born and adopted by the Roman Catholic Church as dogma.

Such propaganda are based on fallacies. For Jews are neither fugitives nor vagabonds. Rather they are successful, hard-working people. Tertullian's propaganda was hard to resist at first.

Even 1700 years later, I have to realize the fallacy of anti-American == anti-semitism and anti-Zionist == anti-semitism, when actually anti-American actually means "democracy free of American foreign policy" and anti-Zionist means "objection to Zionist zealotry consisting of confrontation of Palestinians, stealing their land and other violation of human rights not excluding the use of MOSSAD to fund certain Arab terrorism organizations".

I object to anti-semitism because I condemn Tertullian, and the acts of modern day Zionists. For both of them condoned violence to oppress Jews and Arabs respectively which belies their fallacies.

However, it would be nice to hear from Arabs and Jews who have not bought into the radicalism of politics.

In wake of the Israeli elections today, the current centrist-left versus right situation is better than before the election.

History in Jews in Tunisia:
Final vote tally in Israel:,0,222963.story

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