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War Against Terrorism Musings

Sadly we may be in denial and mislead into believing the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq had to do with 9-11.

America was ready to fight Iraq since the mid 1990s, Iraqi-American Ahmed Chalabi was already collaborating with a NY Times reporter to inject propaganda with false claims of WMD, which still have yet to be proven.

Thus the War on Iraq consists of the invasion of a sovereign nation under the guise of War of Terrorism, purportedly to depose Saddam Hussein.

In actual fact, Iraq was invaded to control its natural resources, primarily its oil.

In the case of Afghanistan, America was poised to depose the Taleban because of human rights violations and unwillingness to negotiate a diplomatic solution and stick with it.

Today we have the Department of Homeland Security protecting America including airport checks, which shows fascism appearing like cracks on the facade of democracy.

Even though I realize all of this about the War on Terrorism, I also have found mass media to be like a fair weather friend.

Before the War on Terrorism, they published propaganda about WMD in Iraq. Now they vilify Bush for his false claims of WMD, claims which were first reported in the NY Times.

So, if 9-11 had to do with the War on Terrorism, then mass media propaganda has done its job. For it is simpler to believe that than to connect the dots.

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