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The Five Precepts Revisited

Today the Buddha spoke to me, saying "There are five rule I give to you freely, but it is up to you to practice them. If you cannot be faithful to them, then you might burn in Avici Hell, which may incur a karmic debt that a more worthy disciple is able to pay off."

Having said that, the Buddha grabbed my pen and guided my hand to write:
  1. Be loving and kind even in the midst of ignorant sentient beings;
  2. Be generous with your time and money after your bills are paid;
  3. Be content in whatever you're doing as long as it harms no one;
  4. Be truthful about yourself according to other people's ability to accept the truth; and
  5. Be mindful that being all things and knowing all things does not give you the right to be nothing, think nothing, and say nothing.

Then he receded into the usual static of my half-tamed mind.

Mmmmm. Meditation is cheaper and safer than drugs. For drugs may damage your chances for rebirth in the human realm, but meditation prepares you for that realm.

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