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The State's Agents are Ignorant of Being Played by Narcissists

"Abusive behavior did not make it into the diagnostic criteria of mental health disorders, nor were its psychodynamic, cultural and social roots explored in depth. As a result of this deficient education and lacking awareness, most law enforcement officers, judges, counselors, guardians, and mediators are worryingly ignorant about the phenomenon.

Only 4% of hospital emergency room admissions of women in the United States are attributed by staff to domestic violence. The true figure, according to the FBI, is more like 50%. One in three murdered women was done in by her spouse, current or former.

The blissfully ignorant mental health professionals are simply unaware of the "bad sides" of the abuser – and make sure they remain oblivious to them. They look the other way, or pretend that the abuser's behavior is normative, or turn a blind eye to his egregious conduct." — Dr. Sam Vaknin, in Conning the System.

This kind of abusive behavior is reprehensible. What is worse is when professionals, who commonly, do not receive any training recognizing and dealing with this kind of behavior, go out of their way to protect narcissists and even believe psychopaths just need kindness and understanding.

Tell that to the victims of the Green River killer.

In cases of domestic abuse, often the police will side with the husband, even if his wife has bruises and spends time in the hospital being patched up by doctors and nurses who again are conned by the narcissist.

Even worse then this are the times when the police could have caught the psychopath but let him go until it became obvious they were dealing with a serial killer.

The Pickton case has collaboration between police and the psychopath. In one case, it was likely the police were supplying Pickton with more victims. However, the police did a coverup to protect their asses.

However, a lot of the times, narcissists and pyshcopaths get away with murder.

The following interview with Jane Schwartz is important to seeing through a narcissist's façade:!topic/NARCISSISTIC-PERSONALITY-DISORDER/D_96TxEDG5Y

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