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Acala or Myo-o of Shingon Buddhism

Myo-o - Wisdom Kings protecting Dainichi Nyorai, Important to Shingon Sect of Esoteric Buddhism: "Rain God or Peacock Wisdom King.
Wards off evil from poisoning or calamity; prayed to in times of drought, poisoning, and disaster; rides a peacock (in India, peacock is famous for eating poisonous snakes); one face, four arms" His Sanskrit name is Mahamayuri. Here's another view of Mahamayuri, who is one of four goddesses (feminine archetypes) surrounding Mahapratisara.

PSCO 25: Utz: "The Mahamayuri is one of the five formulae of the Pancaraksa or 'Quintuple Protection.' This five-fold Manichaean Yaksa catalogue does not correspond to any in Buddhist literature, which are not so extensive in a number of categories. For instance, in the Mahamayuri, the catalogue has only the categories Yaksa and country. " Thus Mahamayuri was introduced into Vajrayana from Manichean texts.

Commentary: In Shingon Buddhism, the Five Wisdom Kings are worshiped without their consorts. However, the consorts themselves represent other aspects of wisdom.

Regarding Mahamayuri, he is one of the Five Wisdom Kings, and represents "peace." Mahamayuri also protects his devotees from poisoning, both physical and spiritual. Though "poison" may be seen as "evil", so a Mahamayuri sutra may be used to protect a devotee from the immediate effects of evil karma.

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