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Caught on the Endless Wheel

All states that can be returned to external causes are obviously not you, but that which cannot be returned to anywhere, if it is not you, what is it? Therefore, you should know that your mind is fundamentally wonderful, bright, and pure and that because of your involvement with the things of the world you have covered it up and lost it. In this way you are caught on the endless wheel of becoming this or that, sinking and floating in that sea of endless becoming. Awaken yourself now to your own bright mind.

— Surangama Sutra

External causes refer to worldliness and the risk of evil karma.

The mind that is "fundamentally wonderful, bright, and pure" is the mind aware of Buddha Nature, being Bodhi Mind.

By getting involved with the world, the Buddhist covers up her Buddha Nature, and her Bodhi Mind is lost.

"The endless wheel of becoming this or that" is Samsara, this world of birth-life-death.
"That sea of endless becoming" too is Samsara.

"Awaken" refers to mindful practice that develops wisdom and compassion for all sentient beings, including being of service to others.

"Your own bright mind" is Bodhi Mind.

To awaken the mind to Bodhi Mind, meditation with Buddha Recitation will develop wisdom and compassion.

Originally posted: March 11, 2006 at 1524H
Updated: February 7, 2013 0051H

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