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Shido Bunan

Om devaganapatoyam Priyasurasya. - Homage & divine offerings to Ganesha as the Highest Spirit.
Namo arahato Buddhassanam. - Homage to the Spiritual Awakening.
Namo arahato Dhammassanam. - Homage to the Way to Awakening.
Namo arahato Sanghassanam. - Homage to the Community of Awakening.

Today, we have a listing of Zen Master Shido Bunan's poetry and Zen stories about him.

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The Blotch - how does a blotch stop a plague of misfortune for a family of local lords? Probably a little psychology: if one is takes it easy and relaxes, misfortunes will go away because one is not overly concerned about them.

Adhyatma From Another Mountain - Sake Wine and Samadhi - the beginning of Bunan's journey.

Find out what "shido bunan" means.

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