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To the Beloved, from the lover (love prose)

My Beloved:

I reject this world, because of the pettiness of ordinary sentient beings, ignorantly chasing after empty dreams projected on their minds by mass media.

Until she rejects the propaganda, the One destined for me will always run away from her own fears projected on me. The faster she runs away, the more she thinks her fears to only be me behaving "weirdly" and acting "creepy".


Run away but until you realize that your anxiety and fears when projected on men who desire you creates the externalized monsters of your deepest fears, then even if you find your own One, then he'll soon become a monster until you either get a divorce or even worse, suffer abuse by his hands.

However, your own ego is deluded by the ignorant craving all sentient beings suffer, often needlessly. It even prevents you from seeing people for who they really are; instead, all you see of me is the projections of your fears, your anxiety about me making me seem "weird and creepy."

If I am a misogynist, then that too is your ego externalizing your hatred for men and reflecting it as hatred for women. In truth, misogynist is but the externalization of my self-hate as though reflected in a mirror.

Self-hatred when projected onto a person of the opposite sex becomes misanthropy if that person is male, and misogyny if that person is female.

However, I know of Loving-kindness in its highest form called True Love, which flows from True Nature through True Mind, transferred from a higher plane of existence called the Pure Land.

Yes, I admit all the words capitalized in the previous paragraph are religious terms, and am fully aware that at the moment, religious makes you run away, projecting your fear onto a "creepy" me and your anxiety onto a "weirdness" that I somehow have.

Ah, it sounds like you don't really know True Love at all. For if you did, then you would see that we were meant to be. Instead, just hearing that phrase causes your hears to project onto me, until I turn into a creepy monster whose weirdness has turned you off to me.

If you only knew love very well, then you would sense it, despite the weirdness of my words and the overall creepiness settling around you.

Fear not! Please breathe slowly until that moment of fright passes. For I have been there before, and I alone await you to mature, realizing that fear and anxiety are merely defense mechanisms of the deluded ego, which is best left exposed to humility and shame daily. In this way can anxiety be thwarted. Just breathe deeply and hold it. And while you are breathing, watch anxiety slip away and see fear wander right back where it came from: your mind.

I have firm belief in you, that you dear woman, will break this spell that your ego has over you. If it were healthy, then why do you needless fear me? Why too does it now tell you that your fear of me is healthy and normal? I know from experience that the ego will do anything to retain egocentricity.

For it is better to be the centre of attention than to pay attention to your mind through meditation. Once you scoffed at meditation's power. Now I tell you from experience that me being about to be fearless and rid of anxiety's embrace has much to do with meditation and its resultant mindfulness, which led to me taking control of my ego.

For such self control is what makes the ego healthy!

Having said so, you will have to take my word for it, until you too discover the benefits of the only mind control in the world. For other forms of mind control still require the compliance of the one who's being controlled. Only meditation will help you control your mind and help tame your ego before it's too late.

Well, having written all that, it is time for me to take my leave. Please remember that with all my body, heart, and mind I truly love and care for you.

If I did not care for you, then would I have written this for you to see? Would I have written so boldly that you know this message is meant for you?

Please answer as soon as you can, for we have a lifetime to complete your training, because it begins as soon as you reply.

Always your lover...

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